The Trouble with Marketing Communications in the 21st Century

October 28, 2014 by Curran & Connors

There is a huge problem in the marketing communications sector as we know it today. Can you pinpoint what this problem is, and do you know how to fix it?

The marketing communications sector is built on an outdated 20th century model that is inappropriate for today’s business environment, and as we delve into 2015, this problem has only become more apparent. We know, more than ever, that this industry is not being utilized to its fullest capabilities.

The reason? In this world of big budget advertising agencies, Super Bowl commercials and fickle spending habits, your executable marketing materials are not being treated with the importance they deserve. Instead, this type of collateral is usually thrown together with less budget, more time constraints and creative redundancy, resulting in a collateral black hole of fragmented and unintelligent design.

We’ve created a continuum of marketing communications to explain what we mean:

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Apart from what’s on the left-hand side (mass production and specialty marketing services), the remainder of the communications market is extremely fragmented.

With this issue in mind, Curran & Connors has come up with a new way of thinking for the 21st century. Our solution for your communication needs is a strategy-driven, integrated brand management system, something that we know how to do better than anyone. Why? Our job is to supervise and coordinate design teams solely to build and manage your marketing communications.

Click to read our white paper. Here, you’ll get an in-depth assessment of where the marketing communications sector is, where it needs to be and how we’re leading the way in getting it there. 

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