C&C and Vintage/PR Newswire Enter into Exciting Partnership

March 25, 2015 by Curran & Connors

We’re incredibly excited to announce our partnership with Vintage (the capital markets, corporate services and institutional & fund services division of PR Newswire) on a cohesive program to nurture corporate transparency and investor engagement. Combining strategy, design, printing, Web sites, distribution and animation, this new partnership provides production and marketing, the two sides of the coin the annual report needs for mass visibility among stakeholders.

As part of the first step in Vintage’s new “Annual Report Journey,” our partnership works to maximize the storytelling value of the annual report, an issuer-directed facet that we know to be important but has unfortunately been lost in recent annual reporting trends. In a study conducted by Vintage, 83 percent of investors read the annual reports of the companies they hold. With this in mind, the journey matches the investor audience’s preference for how they want to receive material information from a public company, putting into action what this partnership represents-streamlining the annual report “journey” so that only the most relevant and important reported information gets shared among the most relevant, important people.

Read our partnership press release to get an in-depth view of Vintage’s “Annual Report Journey” and how our strategic partnership benefits those annual reporting efforts.


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