6 Digital Marketing and Design Podcasts to Help Keep Your Business Ahead of the Game

September 30, 2015 by Thomas Dintrone


So I’ll admit it: I’m a podcast junkie. I’ve subscribed, downloaded and listened to so many podcasts in the past few years that my iphone now sends me alerts on a weekly basis that my storage keeps getting full. Sorry, Siri. Deal with it.

As a Web developer and digital marketer here at C&C, it’s not only advisable but critical for me to stay up to speed on industry trends. In my world, it could include any multitude of subjects such as developing websites using the bootstrap responsive framework, building lead-generating forms that convert or social media marketing tactics to help build a company’s presence online.

Exciting stuff, right? ::crickets::

Why I choose podcasts over most other mediums

In an industry that moves a mile a millisecond and trends are gone faster than a toupee in a hurricane, the medium I’ve found to be both current and convenient out of all of them is podcasts.

Podcasts give the listener an on-demand capability for current information that traditional radio does not have, and the audio format offers a different, almost forcibly more engaging, user experience over blogging. I say “almost forcibly” because as engaged listeners we’ll tend to invest our time in an entire 30-minute episode as opposed to blog posts where we may skim an article to find our desired data.

The added benefit to this is the hands-off factor podcasts have. You can be learning at home while doing the dishes, at work via headphones or, thanks to bluetooth, now listen to a few on your morning commute to work.

Seriously, what would you rather do in your car: Find out how to monetize your video marketing for your company or hear “Carry on Wayward Son” for the 3,000th time?

My Big 6

So without further ado, here is a list I’ve compiled of the six digital marketing and design-focused podcasts I feel can benefit your business because these guys/gals are doing it right.

[cue the Rocky Theme Song]


Agents of Change (formerly The Marketing Agents Podcast)


by Rich Brooks // Subscribe On iTunes // Website
Gamuts: Digital Marketing, Social Media, Business Management

By far my favorite. A Q&A-style podcast with Web marketing leaders covering any and all topics you need to know to take your business to the next level online. Rich Brooks gives it a fresh professional feel but with some loose humor thrown in now and again.

Some standout episodes I’ve found especially helpful are “How to Convert Your Online Traffic into Raving Fans” with Josh and Jill Stanton, “How to Market Your Business on YouTube” with Amy Schmittauer and “How to Succeed with Authenticity” with Jordan Harbinger.

Sidenote: They also do an annual conference in Portland, Maine, with many professional speakers, which you can attend in person or listen to at your leisure via their digital pass.


Shop Talk


by Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert // Subscribe on iTunes // Website
Gamuts: Front End Web Design, Development and User Experience (UX)

This one is more for the Web techies. Chris Coyier, of css-tricks.com, has been in the Web industry for a while and is someone I’ve respected from my earliest days as a Web developer.

This has a much more youthful vibe in how they talk shop with each other, so it’s a very easy listen, although the quirky sound effects and back and forth banter may not be for everyone.


Marketing Over Coffee


by John Wall and Chris Penn // Subscribe on iTunes  // Website
Gamuts: Business Marketing, Strategy and Digital Trends

These guys cover the broader marketing topics, i.e., not just digital. It’s a down-to-earth, but still professional, discussion-based podcast giving you their perspective on things such as new “smart home” products  and the Google “mobilegeddon.”

A good thing about this particular podcast is that these are short 20–30-minute episodes so these can easily be fit in on the way to work. Just bear with the sometimes weak audio quality because the overall content more than makes up for it. We can’t all be as good as Kanye.


Matt Report


by Matt Medeiros // Subscribe on iTunes  // Website
Gamuts: WordPress Business and Digital Strategy

For the WordPress developers and business owners out there, the Matt Report, which has been around for a while, focuses on how this particular platform can take your website up a notch on that new fangled thing we call the “In-ter-net.”

It’s my platform of choice, so this was a no-brainer for me to listen to, but I think you would really benefit from this regardless of its WordPress focus, especially if you’re running an ecommerce website.


Re/code Decode


by Kara Swisher // Subscribe on iTunes  // Website
Gamuts: Tech Industry Trends and Business Marketing

I stumbled onto this one after scrolling through a lot of other marketing podcasts. I liked her original podcast logo (which has now changed, #notAFan) so I gave it a shot since it’s fairly new and so far I find it to be very informative.

Again a Q&A style, but with Kara Swisher you’re actually hearing from the top level people in many tech companies: people like Buzzfeed founder Jonah Peretti and current Linkedin CEO Jeff Weiner. If you want to get a peek inside the inner workings and upcoming digital trends of these larger corporations, then I highly recommend this podcast to you.

Be warned: Kara has a tendency of talking over her interviewees. #glassShattered


On the Grid


by Andy Mangold, Dan Auer and Matt McInerney // Subscribe on iTunes  // Website
Gamuts: Web Design and User Experience (UX)

I was turned on to this podcast by another designer at our firm and was not disappointed. This has more of a laid-back, friends-just-hanging-out style, which I always enjoy. From what I understand, they run their own small Web firm and so you really get a good inside look at the discussions that go on behind the scenes. It basically helps validate everything you probably already think about as a designer.

It’s not always a specific design or UX-focused topic the whole episode; sometimes it’s simply a normal friendly conversation, but you’ll find it always ties back to some overall industry theme.

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