2016 C&C Pumpkin Decorating Contest

October 26, 2016 by Curran & Connors

Halloween is quickly approaching which means one thing: The annual C&C Pumpkin Decorating Contest is officially underway!

Contest Rules:

1. The contest is open to all full and part-time employees of C&C (sorry facebook friends..).
2. Your submission must use any pumpkin of your choice.
3. Be as creative as you’d like! You may carve or decorate your pumpkin using any materials you’d like.
4. Only 1 vote for each category will be accepted.

For some inspiration, check out last year’s entries.


Submissions will be judged in the following categories:

• Most Creative
• Funniest
• Spookiest
• Best in Show



How to submit:

Email a picture of your pumpkin to socialmedia@curran-connors.com by Friday, October 28th, 2016.

For those of you in the Hauppauge office, in lieu of submitting a photo, you may place your pumpkin on the shelves by Pumpkin-Master Criz.


Voting will take place on Halloween!



The Contestants:

*Click on the image to view a larger version

"The Mummy Returns"
The Mummy Returns
"Piggy Bank"
Piggy Bank
"Pretty Pumpkin Filter"
Pretty Pumpkin Filter
"Pumpki-mon Go"
Pumpki-mon Go
"Quote the Raven: Never-gourd"
Quote the Raven: Never-gourd
"Owl or Furby? You decide.."
Owl or Furby? You decide..
""What's Up, Doc?""
“What’s Up, Doc?”

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