2015 C&C Pumpkin Decorating Contest

October 29, 2015 by Curran & Connors


As the Halloween season slowly comes to an end and we eat our Pumpkin Pies and sip our Pumpkin Coffees, let’s remember it’s also a time to be creative. Here at C&C we choose not to forget the timeless tradition of utilizing the oddly shaped canvas Mother Nature has given us and turn it into a work of art.

There Can Only Be One…

Below are all the submissions from our company. Choose your favorite by clicking “Vote Now”.

• Only 1 vote per day will be accepted.
• Voting Begins Thursday October 29 1:00pm and Ends Friday, October 30 11:59pm

The Contestants:

*Click on the image to view a larger version

*Click on the image to view a larger version

"Good Will Haunting"
Good Will Haunting
"Pumpkin Cider"
Pumpkin Cider
"Eye see you"
Eye see you
"Ehrmagourd, it's Gourdy Wales"
Ehrmagourd, it’s Gourdy Wales
"Punkin Dunkin"
Punkin Dunkin
"Mr. Pumpkin Head"
Mr. Pumpkin Head
"Mouse in the House"
Mouse in the House
"Kitty Crack Corn"
Kitty Crack Corn
"404 Error"
404 Error
"My Happy Face"
My Happy Face
"Trick -r- Treat"
Trick -r- Treat
"Why? ...2k"
Why? …2k
"Spawn of the Dead"
Spawn of the Dead
"Mummy Dearest"
Mummy Dearest
"Jack Skellington"
Jack Skellington

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